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The most important thing to know about Ranger is that is creates robust trading strategies that can add significant profit to your trading. And, perhaps more importantly, confidence.

Ranger is a unique and powerful trading strategy resource. Difficult to categorize.

The Ranger "big picture" is -

  1. create, design and test literally tens of  thousands of different strategies,
  2. monitor and trade any strategy created by it,
  3. trade strategies that we have created.
  4. easily automate and produce research on hundreds of strategies in an evening.

Technically, Ranger is a strategy (formal application category) that runs in TradeStation or MultiCharts. That is its technical description. But that barely scratches the surface.

Ranger, is in fact, tens of  thousands of different strategies, all waiting to be discovered and traded.

How is that done? Ranger has dozens of what we call logic “switches.” As it sounds, these switches turn its different trading features on and off. They are also used to specify the behavior of different types pf Ranger’s trading logic and strategy components, like order types, filters etc.

The Ranger manual explains all of these switches and their influence. For those who want a complete understanding, the code can be studied for those with Ranger Open,

These different logic switches and their related settings uniquely define each of these thousands of different Ranger strategies.

These logic switch do a lot

Learn more about the Ranger logic switches here.

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The Ranger story  goes way back, and we think, is still really interesting.

Ranger is an implementation of what we used to call the "System Shell" back in the 90's at the Pardo Corporation.

And before I hear you say "the 1990's why do I care" I will tell you why.

Ranger is of the same vintage as the Pardo Corporation application which created the strategies behind our high-performing and well-regarded trading program XT99 Diversified. Read about XT99 Diversified in a detailed presentation here.

It is not an accident that XT99 earned over three dozen performance citations.

And those strategies were refined and developed into an amazing program we created called Pardo Renaissance Diversified. Get detail about PRD here.

And yes, those two programs may seem to be a bit "long in the tooth" also, some will say. They are. BUT, and that is a big but, we have revisited them, and they are still performing well.

That is the point.

Robust trading strategies based on sound logic survive and prosper.

That is what Ranger is and there will more that follow.

We had a number of these applications. Ranger is just the first of them to be offered to the algorithmic trading community and soon to investors.

A Strategy for All Markets image
A Strategy for All Markets

An associate and I were going over the results of a lot of research going from one market to the next and over different time-frames. We were very pleased to see that Ranger produced profitable and robust results over theae different markets and time frames.

As its designer, of course, I took this for granted. But upon further reflection I realized just how good Ranger is. I don’t want to sound immodest or ungrateful. But, as you might imagine, I am extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised by Ranger.

Although we have not yet finished the research, we have had excellent results in futures, stocks, crypto and currencies. In addition, we have had success with daily data as well as with 5, 10, 30 and 60 minute data.

Ranger is truly a trading application for "all seasons."

For more detail, visit our Ranger - A Strategy for All Markets page.

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"I  have run Bob's Ranger Alpha and LDR Alpha portfolios live for the last 4 months and the results have been stellar. I run a portfolio of 50-60 strategies including 10-12 from Bob. The consistency of Bob's strategies has allowed me to start to increase my position sizes to benefit from compounding.

Bob has provided me with great support from the start, even while I was doing due diligence on Ranger and LDR and asking for detailed performance results, which he happily provided. Bob is always quick to respond to questions and he is open to ideas for possible enhancements."

Trevor West

"I can highly recommend Bob’s trading solution Ranger to anyone who wants to implement algorithmic trading systems."

Soren Frederiksen

"Ranger is one of the central pillars in my system development toolbox and I doubt there is another value like it. It's my pleasure to recommend this outstanding product."

Dillon Gilhooley

"Whether you are looking to develop a traditional trend following system, countertrend, pullback, breakout, momentum systems, then I cannot recommend this (Ranger) enough. "

Dr. Mike Lewis

"An opportunity like this seldom comes along. I have been a breakeven trader for over 20 years. So there was no reason why I shall not join the “Ranger Club”. Now Bob is one of my mentors and one of my benefactors. With his guidance I am continuing to learn many things today. I am convinced that I have been able to get in the right direction finally.”

Keiichi Tokosumi

"I have already learned quite a bit from the Ranger product. The program makes algorithmic trading accessible. . . . As a final note, Bob is incredibly accessible. I was looking for a mentor/teacher/coach and as a result of Bob’s personality and skill, he certainly fits that bill.”

 Vernon Williams

“I recently bought Ranger and Ranger Alpha. Happy to say that I just closed out a trade from Ranger Alpha worth over $25,000.”

 Zumran Hamid

Read complete testimonials here.
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We currently offer two excellent portfolios of stock index futures trading strategy portfolios.

Ranger Alpha 22 Stock Index

Ranger Alpha Enhanced

Click the links above for more details.

These can be added for a bundle discount either at purchase or at a later date of our choosing.

What Comes with Ranger image

1. The Ranger Easy Language program (this requires TradeStation or MultiCharts to operate)

2. An included phone consultation with Bob Pardo - one hour with Ranger Open and 30 minutes with Ranger Closed (a $1,000 or $500 value respectively.)

3. The excellent thirty-nine page information-packed Ranger Manual

4. The unique forty page, unique and proprietary Pardo Development Process which is modeled after the process which Bob Pardo has used to create his highly-successful strategies and guides you through this process to create your own equally successful strategies

5. Twenty-two research and development TradeStation workspaces which automate and implement the Pardo  Development Process and are used to create new strategies on new markets

6. Proprietary REP_Trend_Indicator

7. Proprietary REP_Trend_Indicator2

8. Proprietary REP_Mom_Trend_Indicator

9.  Proprietary REP_Mom_Trend_Indicator2

10.  Proprietary REP_Volatility Index

Important Note - Ranger Closed only has access to these indicators within Ranger strategies. Ranger Open includes these as indicators and functions which can be used as indicators and within your own strategies.

For more detail, visit our What Comes with Ranger page.

Automating Research and Development with RangerMaker image
Large sets of strategy research can be set up and run with very little effort using RangerMaker. It comes with a full description of the proprietary Pardo Development Process. it is embodied in the RangerMaker process.

It also comes with an application that consolidates all of this research into a spreadsheet which is very easy to follow.

This is an example.

RangerMaker is an exciting new addition to the Ranger family.

RangerMaker is a TradeStation Trading App which automates the entire first round of the included proprietary Pardo Development Process.

Specifically, RangerMaker automatically runs all of the optimizations of a chosen research process, saving the output files and creating the files that the TradeStation Walk Forward Optimizer or the Enhanced Walk Forward Optimizer needs to run our additional proprietary robustness testing.

Because of other improvements, the process is also substantially faster than the traditional methods.

For more detail, visit our What Is RangerMaker page.

Ranger comes in two formats.

Ranger Closed is $3,000.

Ranger Open is $6,000. Follow this link to learn what is included.

The six Ranger Alpha strategies which are $3,000 can be licensed as a package with either version of Ranger. Detailed information about Ranger Alpha is available here.

Ranger Closed and Ranger Alpha is $5,500.

Ranger Open and Ranger Alpha is $8,000.

To obtain a license to use either version of Ranger you must sign and return a License Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
The Buy buttons below will direct you to our Order page where you can purchase your desired version of Ranger. After you have paid for Ranger, you will get a LA and NDA form. Complete and email those back to us.

Your Ranger will be emailed to you when we are in receipt of payment and a signed License Agreement and a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Your LA and NDA will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

I have a serious interest in putting Ranger to work for me and I have some questions. Email us here ranger@pardo.space.

To own and operate Ranger purchase with the buttons below..

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Ranger Closed $3,000.

Ranger Closed and Ranger Alpha 22 SI $5,500.

Ranger Closed ,Ranger Alpha 22 SI and RangerMaker $7,500.

Ranger Open $6,000.

Ranger Open and Ranger Alpha 22 SI $8,000.

Ranger Open, Ranger Alpha 22 SI and RangerMaker $10,000.