Ranger - A strategy for all markets

A Strategy for All Markets

My colleague, Mike and I were discussing the merits of Ranger. He has quite a bit of experience with trading and associated products. Mike pointed out something that I had just taken for granted.

We were going over the results of our research going from one market to the next. Mike was amazed that Ranger was equally profitable and robust, in every market and every time frame in which it has been applied.

Mike pointed out that that, in fact, this was both valuable and highly unusual.

As its designer, of course, I took this for granted. But upon further reflection I realized just how good Ranger is. I don’t want to sound immodest or ungrateful. But, as you might imagine, I am extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised by Ranger.

When I designed Ranger I had every reason to believe it would be good. Why else would we build it? You may recall that the reason why I built Ranger was as another diversification and capacity dimension for our highly diversified Renaissance platform.

However, I had a bit of a bias for my “first born” XT99. I really didn’t think anything would equal it or even surpass it.

I was pleased to be proven wrong in that by Ranger!

So far we have done the first round of development on a diversified basket of seven futures, fourteen stocks and three cash crypto markets. And in daily, thirty-minute and sixty-minute time frames.

All showed excellent results. See for yourself.

This is the RangerMaker report for Crude Oil 60 minute -

Litecoin 30 minute –

Apple 60 minute –

And we did NOT have to cherry pick any of these. Of course, there is variation from instrument to instrument. That is natural. But everything we have looked at so far has been profitable and robust.

If you want a portfolio for all seasons and for all markets Ranger is the ticket. There is a Ranger option for every pocket book and portfolio.

Ranger is available in a variety of "shapes and sizes." Check it out on our Trading Applications order page. No obligation, looking is free . . .  But if something strikes your fancy . . .