What Is RangerMaker

RangerMaker is an exciting new addition to the Ranger family.

 RangerMaker is a TradeStation Trading App which automates the entire first round of the included proprietary Pardo Development Process.

Specifically, RM automatically runs all of the optimizations of the chosen research process, saving the output files and creating the files that the TS WFO or EWFO needs to run Cluster Analyses and Walk Forward Analyses.

The process is quite simple. Launch RangerMaker, input the file name of the control file which specifies all of the information needed to run each optimization and click the button which starts the process. That’s it. RangerMaker then runs through all of the optimizations specified in the job file.

No more manually stacking up optimizations in the Ranger research workspaces. They work just fine and as intended, but RangerMaker is so much easier.

RangerMaker also includes smaller, faster versions of Ranger which we affectionately call Rangerettes. They have been optimized for speed and are anywhere from 2 – 5 times faster than Ranger depending on the trend indicator in use.

Also included are three different sets research process.

The first set duplicates the Ranger research workspaces. The second is an enhanced variation of the original process. The third is a far more advanced set which implements a more sophisticated development process which we have been using to create new Ranger Alpha strategies. This new process also uses some powerful undocumented features that are currently in Ranger so you will discover these gems that have been there all along.

In addition, you can use RangerMaker and the Rangerettes to create and run research processes of your own creation. The job files are easy to edit and change.

The introductory price of RangerMaker is $2,000.

I can tell you that if you are at all interested in developing a portfolio of strategies with Ranger, RangerMaker is a huge time and labor saver.

This is the report produced by RangerMaker and ReportMaker.