What Is Ranger

Ranger Version 1.0 is a sophisticated and ultra-customizable trading strategy written in Easy Language. It has been designed with a very rich feature set which gives the trader the power to create an amazing array of uncorrelated trading strategies. This makes it possible to use Ranger to create and trade a portfolio of strategies on a single market. Our research demonstrates that this is a highly effective approach to reducing drawdowns and volatility and thereby increase risk-adjusted trading profits.

To start, Ranger can be used in its most simple form to create and test a “standard” range breakout strategy setting stops to buy / sell at n-bar highs / lows.

At one of the more complicated ends of the “spectrum”, Ranger can also be used to test and trade a strategy which buys dips and sells rallies in trend neutral and low volatility market states exiting on targets defined by the high low range.

As another example of its versatility and range, Ranger can be used to trade an unusual form of strategy which is a hybrid of a range breakout and a volatility breakout strategy.

These strategy suggestions are by no means the only potential variations. They are just a few of the more productive extremes that we have found so far.

In fact, Ranger has been built so as to enable the trader to build a full multi-strategy multi-market portfolio.

In fact, we are doing just this to create an in-house proprietary trading portfolio and another for asset management. We are right there with you developing strategies with Ranger.

We like to say that mastering Ranger is like getting a PhD in algorithmic trading.

Ranger requires TradeStation to operate. We suggest version 10.