What Is Ranger

The most important thing to know about Ranger is that is creates robust trading strategies that can add significant profit to your trading. And, perhaps more importantly, confidence.

Ranger is a unique and powerful trading strategy resource. Difficult to categorize.

The Ranger "big picture" is -

  1. create, design and test literally tens of  thousands of different strategies,
  2. monitor and trade any strategy created by it,
  3. trade strategies that we have created.
  4. easily automate and produce research on hundreds of strategies in an evening.

Technically, Ranger is a strategy (formal application category) that runs in TradeStation or MultiCharts. That is its technical description. But that barely scratches the surface.

Ranger, is in fact, tens of  thousands of different strategies, all waiting to be discovered and traded.

How is that done? Ranger has dozens of what we call logic “switches.” As it sounds, these switches turn its different trading features on and off. They are also used to specify the behavior of different types pf Ranger’s trading logic and strategy components, like order types, filters etc.

The Ranger manual explains all of these switches and their influence. For those who want a complete understanding, the code can be studied for those with Ranger Open,

These different logic switches and their related settings uniquely define each of these thousands of different Ranger strategies.

These logic switch do a lot

Let us start at the top.

Ranger can set filters that specify the way a strategy responds to the prevailing trend. There are strategies that ignore the trend, those that trade with the trend, those that trade counter to the trend, and those that look for very quiet trends. That last mode was introduced by Ranger.

There are other switches that set the type of entry, use Ranger’s proprietary exit order and other switches that create many variants of these entries and exits. At first glance, these can seem to be of minor importance, but we found in our recent research with Ranger Alpha Enhanced, they can have major influence.

Ranger also has a unique type of filter that can have a great influence on how it enters the market. There is so much flexibility built into this filter that it can be used to exploit volatility breakouts.

Ranger strategies can also be set to long only or short only as well as to day-trade. Incidentally, our research has demonstrated that Ranger produces robust strategies on almost any time-fame. It is also effective in stocks, currencies and futures.

There are switches that turn on and specify a very rich selection of exit orders – targets, risk stops and trailing stops. Of course, these can also be set to be fast or slow.

Our research has clearly shown that markets behave differently in bull and bear trends. The combination of long only or short only strategies with exit orders tailored to these modes holds enormous promise.

Finally, there are Ranger switches which control and specify the many different features of Rangers rich collection of unique, effective, proprietary indicators which can be used to create a vast selection of entries. These include a proprietary version of MACD, two proprietary Trend Indicators, two proprietary Trend Momentum Indicators, a set of proprietary volatility filters and a unique filter which detects trending or cycling conditions. The trend filters can be used together with the Volatility and Trend-Cycle filters. In fact, strategies can be built using a trend filter, a volatility filter and the trend-cycle filter. 

The various Ranger packages can be ordered on our Order page.