What Comes With Ranger

What Comes With Ranger

1. The XTRBOv2 Easy Language program

2. Six stock index strategies (SI $125,000) – two each for Dow, eMini and
NASDAQ futures

3. A complimentary one hour phone orientation with Bob Pardo (a $1,000

4. A thirty-nine page highly detailed Ranger Manual

5. A forty page Optimization Tutorial which is modeled after the process which we use to create strategies and guides you through this process to create your own strategies

6. Twenty-two research and development workspaces which implement the Optimization Tutorial and are used to create new strategies on new markets

7. Six strategy workspaces to produce signals for the SI Portfolio

8. Proprietary Trend Indicator

9. Proprietary Trend Momentum Indicator

10. Proprietary Volatility Indicator