What Comes With Ranger

1. The Ranger Easy Language program (this requires TradeStation or MultiCharts to operate)

2. An included phone consultation with Bob Pardo - one hour with Ranger Open and 30 minutes with Ranger Closed (a $1,000 or $500 value respectively.)

3. The excellent thirty-nine page information-packed Ranger Manual

4. The unique forty page, unique and proprietary Pardo Development Process which is modeled after the process which Bob Pardo has used to create his highly-successful strategies and guides you through this process to create your own equally successful strategies

5. Twenty-two research and development TradeStation workspaces which automate and implement the Pardo  Development Process and are used to create new strategies on new markets

6. Proprietary REP_Trend_Indicator

7. Proprietary REP_Trend_Indicator2

8. Proprietary REP_Mom_Trend_Indicator

9.  Proprietary REP_Mom_Trend_Indicator2

10.  Proprietary REP_Volatility Index

Important Note - Ranger Closed only has access to these indicators within Ranger strategies. Ranger Open includes these as indicators and functions which can be used as indicators and within your own strategies.