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As we say, excellence in trading begins with superior knowledge. We have been providing high-quality, unique and reliable trading information, applications, education and services for decades.

We believe that knowledge is power.

This is is never more true than in investment and trading. Trading provides a path to freedom and abundance for those who are willing to make the effort.

It is our pleasure and honor to share the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years.

We are here to support you in that effort in every way that we can.

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Bob Pardo and his different teams have provided top quality services to traders and trading firms of all sizes and types for decades.

Pardo Corporation was an algorithmic software pioneer. PC provided top quality algorithmic trading applications to investors of all sizes. The most successful products were Swing Trader, Advance Chartist, Advanced Trader, Expert Trader, Rank, Blast and XT to name but a few. There were many more.

Pardo Group Limited provided unique and excellent consulting services to traders small and large and to top trading firms such as Goldman Sachs and Daiwa Securities of America.

Pardo Capital Limited provided a high-performance (+19.5% ARR,) multiply cited trading program called XT99 Diversified to investors. That highly successful program ran from mid 1999 to the end of 2012.

Pardo & Company has been launched to bring all of this highly-varied, in-depth, world-class expertise to the US and global trading and investment communities.

A ;lot will be happening at this and its sister websites over the next few years. Keep in touch.

Bob has really done it all - award winning trader, strategy creator, consultant, algo software pioneer, creator of Walk-Forward Analysis, the gold-standard in strategy validation, and author of the definitive guide to trading strategy development The  Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies.

Bob Pardo was an early pioneer of algorithmic trading in the futures industry. He was instrumental in laying the initial foundations of what have become industry-wide algorithmic software applications.

Bob has worn many, highly varied hats in his career. He was a technical analysis software pioneer with Pardo Corporation, celebrated author, consultant to top trading firms with Pardo Group Limited and top-rated trader and money-manager with XT99 Diversified and Pardo Capital Limited.

Bob’s latest trading platform is Pardo Renaissance Diversified - a state-of-the-art, highly diversified, algorithmic trading program. Its’ pro forma returns of an ARR of 29.98% and a Sharpe Ratio of 2.5 exceed that of XT99 and hold tremendous promise.

Pardo & Company is Bob’s latest creation. It begins providing top quality consulting in all forms and exceptional trading software with Ranger.

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Create your own unique portfolio of strategies with our sophisticated, powerful, well documented and supported and easy-to-use trading applications.

Currently, they are in the form of EasyLanguage strategies and trading apps that run in TradeStation or Multicharts.

Ranger is our first and most sophisticated trading application.

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LDR is a more recent trading application. It is simpler than Ranger yet produces excellent trading strategies.

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Cross is a our newest application. Its performance belies its relative simplicity.

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We offer a broad selection of trading strategies. They are unique, complete, fully disclosed and ready to trade.

Ranger Alpha 2022 are 60 minute trading strategies on stock index futures, energy and agricultural markets. They are created with Ranger using our advanced development process.

RA22 Stock Index performance details

The LDR Alpha Portfolio is a collection of 60 minute trading strategies on a small, diversified portfolio. They are created with LDR using our advanced development process.

The LDR Bitcoin Portfolio is a collection of six 60 minute trading strategies on BitCoin futures. They too are created with LDR using our advanced development process.

The Cross Alpha Portfolio is a collection of 60 minute trading strategies on a small, diversified portfolio. They too are created with Cross using our advanced development process. Information will be posted in the near future.

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