Consistent and profitable trading is a most difficult and challenging undertaking. The expertise required to develop, optimize, validate and implement a robust trading strategy is difficult to source and retain and even more challenging to develop "organically."

Many firms and individual traders do not have the research and development expertise, capacity, or infrastructure required to correctly optimize and validate the robustness and other components of their trading strategy.

Pardo & Company offers a full range of consulting services to bridge this gap for trading firms who aspire to be the best in their field. We cover all aspects of technical and quantitative analysis including, strategy creation, design, optimization and validation as well as all aspects of risk and portfolio management.  

We understand that each project is unique and carefully tailor our approach to achieve your desired results. You can consider Pardo & Company to be your trading strategy “expert system”, filling any organizational or capability gaps and allowing you to establish a world-class algorithmic trading operation.