Pardo Strategy Testing

This is a unique new service we are offering.

We will apply our proprietary robustness testing to your strategy, The results will be all of the reports that we run on your strategy plus an opinion by Bob Pardo as to its value and viability. This is done with a customized version of RangerMaker and then of our proprietary robustness testing process.

You will receive all of the reports produced by our process for your own evaluation and education plus a summary evaluation by Bob Pardo. 

This fee assumes a strategy is –

  • In EasyLanguage. It can be open or protected.
  • No more than three optimizable parameters. We will provide a price based upon a greater number of variables. 
  • It will be tested on five futures markets on 60 minute bars – NQ, BTC, Gold, Crude and Soybeans. Custom requests can be made. Daily is also an option. There will be an additional charge for shorter time frame bars. Larger portfolios can be used for an additional fee.
  • Testing can be done on a portfolio of stocks or currencies,.

If the strategy is not coded in EasyLanguage, we contract a third-party programmer who is expert at conversion. Typically, the fee ranges between $1,000 to $3,000 and can be more for extremely complex strategies.

Of course, there are no guarantees that a strategy that passes Pardo Robustness testing. Even the best strategies that have proven robustness can hit a bad trading period or even fail. What our testing does is greatly minimize the likelihood of this occurring.

If you would like to have your strategy tested via our proprietary robustness process, set up a call with Bob Pardo to get the process started –

The fee is $5,000.  $2,500 is due to start the project and the balance of $2,500 is due immediately upon project completion.

A mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement is executed and required at project start. This protects both parties Intellectual Property.