Expand Your Strategy

Expand Your Trading Strategy

This is another amazing new service we are providing.

First, some background will be helpful, In the ‘90s we were selling sophisticated trading development applications like Blast, Ranger, Long Distance Runner, XT and etc.

XT, which sold for $25,000, is what created our legendary trading program XT99 Diversified. That program produced millions of dollars in profit for our clients.

It was also the “seed” for a huge evolution which became Pardo Renaissance Diversified.

Whenever Bob came across or developed a new trading idea, of course, he first wanted his staff to test it and see whether it was worth anything. Typically, this was done in a rudimentary way in Advanced Trader, which was our version of TradeStation, Ninja Trader or MultiCharts long before they existed.

Once we knew it was profitable and robust, we incorporated it ("dropped it in" as we said) into what we affectionately referred to as the “System Shell (SS).” The System Shell was a testing platform which incorporated Walk-Forward Analysis and myriad filters, stops and exit types plus much, much more.

In fact, our current application Ranger, is roughly modeled after the SS. The SS had far more features and had far better WFA than TradeStation (TS) but it is the best that is available within the TS ecosystem.

So, enough of ancient history. What will you get when you have us “drop your strategy” into the new System Shell?

You will get your strategy generating trading signals and strategies greatly expanded via all of the avenues that are on display in Ranger.

This includes a variety of entry types, entry logics such as With, Counter and Neutral trend filtration, a host of trend detection filters and myriad types of risk, trailing and target order.

You can get an idea of the range (no pun intended!) of trading modalities available in Ranger on this page. This will all be available to your strategy. Like Ranger, you strategy will become a "a strategy on steroids" capable of producing an almost endless array of uncorrelated variations.

So instead of having one trading strategy, you will be able to create as enormous as you desire portfolio of uncorrelated trading strategies.

In addition, we can create a custom version of our Maker program and the associated robustness tested and report generation.

This will provide you with the automation and speed to evaluate these myriad variations on as many markets you wish and then evaluate it for robustness.

This is a service for "power users" - large traders, commodity trading advisors, hedge fund managers and etc. Or, for those with the insight to realize that something like this is needed to become a large trader.

Reach out for quote. Generally, depending on the complexity of your strategy this full treatment, application, Maker and robustness will range between $10,000 to $20,000, perhaps higher if the strategy is complex.