Building Robust Strategies Course

Bob created, in conjunction with Andrew Swanscott, of Better System Trader an audio-video course called Building Robust Trading Strategies Master Class.

In this class, Bob takes you from start to finish through the same process he has used countless times over the years. This course teaches a more advanced process than that which he used to create the robust and profitable trading strategy XT99 Diversified which Pardo Capital ran for twelve years and produced an annualized rate of return of 19.5%.

And it is similar to (he had to hold back some of the “secret sauce”) the process, which is now further refined, which has produced a new trading program which he is in the process of releasing called Pardo Renaissance and which has produced even better hypothetical returns with lower volatility to XT99.

So, if you would like to learn how a master trader and strategy designer does it, this is the course that will show you how it is done.

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Both of these links will take you away from this website. Below is a description of the course modules and content.

Module #1: Robert Pardo presents his 9-step Strategy Development Process for creating trading strategies that actually work in live trading.

  • Why robustness is a key aspect of trading and how ignoring it will destine you to trading failure.
  • Why you MUST have a proven strategy development process to follow. Get this wrong and you’ll waste time and money trying to trade strategies that just won’t work.
  • The step-by-step process Robert Pardo uses to create trading strategies for his fund Pardo Capital and his private clients. This process has taken Bob almost 40 years to refine and he’s going to give it to you in less than 40 minutes!

Module #2: How to approach optimization properly so you don’t ruin your trading strategies. 

  • Optimization can make a strategy better but used incorrectly can also make it worse - Bob shares his framework to using optimization... the right way.
  • How to pick the best optimization parameters, ranges, resolutions and market history. Make your strategy come alive, instead of sending it to the graveyard.
  • How to analyze the ‘Optimization Space’. Uncover important details about a trading strategy hidden in those optimization results.

Module #3: How to evaluate your trading strategy properly to save your account from the risks of over-optimization.

  • Overfitting can instantly destroy a trading strategy without you even knowing it. Identify these warning signs before you risk your money trading it.
  • The Top 5 causes of overfitting - any one of these can lead to catastrophic strategy failure so know what to look out for before it’s too late.
  • Bobs powerful solutions to crush overfitting. Build good quality trading strategies you can have total confidence in.

Module #4: Advanced techniques to confirm you’re putting your money behind the right strategy before you actually start trading it.

  • All about Walk Forward Analysis. Who better to learn it from than the man who invented and pioneered it’s use in trading strategies, Bob Pardo!
  • How to avoid common mistakes traders make with Walk Forward Analysis. Discover how to set it up properly. This includes how to select the right length of time, the minimum number of Walk Forward periods and the best number of parameters to optimize.
  • The performance numbers Bob uses to determine which optimization results are best. And the one popular metric that's flawed and should NOT be used. You may be surprised by the answer!

Module #5: How to protect and grow your trading account using Robert Pardo’s ‘Walk Forward Matrix’ technique, Optimization Space analysis and real-time monitoring.

  • “It’s entirely possible that a Walk Forward test can be positive purely by chance”. Bob explains his ‘Walk Forward Matrix’ technique. Use this to really understand a trading strategy much more than a single Walk Forward test can ever do.
  • How to evaluate a trading strategy using the 'Optimization Space'. These simple steps will quickly tell you if a strategy is worth your time or you should put it in the bin and start again.
  • How to monitor the real-time performance of a trading strategy and quickly identify the warning signs it could be failing - miss these tell-tale signs and you could lose a lot of money... fast!