Algo Training

This area is somewhat similar to coaching or mentoring. It differs in that it has a very specific focus. The objective is to provide targeted and tailored training to help a trader either transition to or to incorporate algorithmic trading into their trading approach.

For a person without any algo experience, this will entail a lot of self-directed reading, programming and software work. Bob provides guidance for all of this. After a sufficient level of expertise has been achieved the program then proceeds from there.

The knowledge domain of algorithmic and technical trading is vast. Bob has been doing this for years and he is still learning. It is up to the client to determine how “deep the dive.”

Algo training typically requires a multi-month commitment. The cost typically ranges from a minimum of $1,000 up to $5,000 a month. There really is no hard upper limit. That is determined by the resources available to the client and how much time he can put into the project. Of course, the more time invested the quicker the result.

Email Bob if you would like to explore this option.