Getting Started with Ranger

Ranger comes in two formats.

Ranger Closed is $3,000.

Ranger Open is $6,000. Follow this link to learn what is included.

The six Ranger Alpha strategies which are $3,000 can be licensed as a package with either version of Ranger. Detailed information about Ranger Alpha is available here.

Ranger Closed and Ranger Alpha is $5,500.

Ranger Open and Ranger Alpha is $8,000.

To obtain a license to use either version of Ranger you must sign and return a License Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Buy buttons below will direct you to our Order page where you can purchase your desired version of Ranger. After you have paid for Ranger, you will get a LA and NDA form. Complete and email those back to us.

Your Ranger will be emailed to you when we are in receipt of payment and a signed License Agreement and a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Your LA and NDA will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

If you are serious about putting Ranger to work as soon as possible and would like to receive an online demo please reach out to Bob and set up a time. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is required prior to each demo.

Ranger Closed $3,000.

Ranger Closed and Ranger Alpha $5,500.

Ranger Open $6,000.

Ranger Open and Ranger Alpha $8,000.