Have you spent perhaps years and a great deal of money working to become an algorithmic trader and not achieved success?

Hello Fellow Trader,

If you have you spent perhaps years and a great deal of money working to become an algorithmic trader and not achieved success, I can help.

Some background highlights - 

1.      I’m an accomplished trader with an exceptional, celebrated track record.

2.     I’m an algorithmic application and trading strategy pioneer.

3.     I’ve been consulting with traders and top trading firms such as Goldman Sachs since 1990.

4.     I wrote the definitive classic The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies.

5.     I’m the inventor oWalk-Forward Analysis which is considered the gold-standard of strategy validation.

Pardo & Company provides top-quality services to traders and asset managers of all levels at price points and service levels ranging from $1,000 for off-the-shelf trading applications up to a custom portfolio creation and development project.

Benefit from our years of knowledge and experience. We can provide the solution you need so you can take the next step forward in your trading.

Here are our offerings to improve your trading -

  1.  Ranger - an outstanding strategy development which empowers a trader to create a full multi-strategy and multi-market portfolio of trading strategies, including an excellent Tutorial and ready-to-trade strategies. See why our clients love it.
  2.  LDR – a less complex and more affordable new, development application with a roboust included market-diversified portfolio.
  3.  A highly-regarded audio-visual course Building Robust Trading Strategies which guides you step-by-step and demystifies the intricate process of creating robust trading strategies.
  4.  Highly customized training, coaching and consulting for all levels of traders and types of projects.

You no longer need to waste time in the untamed wilderness of algorithmic trading alone. Help is just a phone call or email away.

Enjoy the tremendous amount of information and media available on our website.

Now is the time.

Let me know how we can help. Reach out at bob.pardo@pardo.space and explore the possibilities.

Many thanks and Best Regards,

Bob Pardo