Are you ready for the coming storm?

Hello Fellow  Trader,

Are you ready for the coming storm?

We all know that the markets can be tough and unforgiving. The only way anyone has ever succeeded at trading is with discipline, top tools and knowledge.

Ranger is ready and it is just such a tool created from and backed by expert knowledge and trading success earned from 30 years of experience. And knowing that you have robust strategies makes the discipline necessary for success that much easier.

Ranger is a proven, powerful tool with vast strategy resources and our outstanding, proprietary strategy development process.

Plus, the signals from the Ranger Alpha strategies are up +228%1 since the end of their development period2 and +166%3 since their public release. 

Ranger Open plus five Ranger Alpha strategies lists for US$7,500. Ranger Closed plus five Ranger Alpha strategies is US$5,000.

You can license either version of Ranger together with Ranger Alpha as a package for US$6,750 and US$4,500 respectively.

Or, you can license Ranger Open or Closed and we will include your choice of one Ranger Alpha Strategy for free - a savings of $495.

For the algo trader starting out, Ranger Closed, your choice of a free Ranger Alpha strategy and the new, affordable Micro eMini contract is the perfect choice.

Seize the moment. 

Plus, you can learn how I created strategies that earned dozens of performance citations. And while you are at it, get some strategies created by me and add your own to the mix with Ranger.

Put the power of Ranger and Ranger Alpha to work for you today.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity while you can.

Questions? Demo?

Be well.

All the Best,

Bob Pardo

1 - Hypothetical pro forma based on a $125,000 account. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.

2 - 12/31/18

3 - 9/1/19