A fascinating research observation

Hi Fellow Trader,

I just wanted to share something that we discovered early on about the power of Ranger.

We are continuously developing trading models with Ranger for our in-house programs. During that development process, I noticed something which I thought was actually pretty amazing.

It is an example of what happens when you “flip a switch” in Ranger. And there are a LOT of switches to flip in Ranger . . .

When we develop a strategy we start with the simplest variation and go from there, each variation different and a bit more complex.

We start out our testing a simple Ranger strategy variant which was really a basic n-range breakout over our walk-forward matrix. Call this one Strategy A.

The resulting statistics for all of the walk-forwards in this NASDAQ futures matrix from 2008 – 2017 produced an average P&L of <$49,292> with an average draw down of <$57,852>. All walk forwards in the matrix were unprofitable. Strategy A is obviously not tradable in its current form.

However, as we continued with our process we “flipped a switch” and tested a major, although still relatively simple, trading logic variation. We ran the same optimization, walk-forward matrix and market with this variation, call it Strategy B.

It was a different story.

Strategy B had an average P&L of $32,496 with an average draw down of <$15,596>. 91% of the walk forwards were profitable. This strategy is tradable as is and very likely improvable.

Ranger is a strategy product for the serious trader interested in improving their performance.

And when you join the club and license either Ranger Open or Closed, you will find out what that particular switch is . . .

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Bob Pardo