Ranger Alpha Alpha Signals Are +130%

Hi Fellow Trader,

Today’s unprecedented world events have produced equally unprecedented trading opportunities.

Have you taken advantage of them?

The signals from the Ranger Alpha strategies certainly have.

They are +192.05% since the end of their development period 12/31/18 and +130.03% since public release in 9/1/19.*

Ranger Open plus five Ranger Alpha strategies lists at US$7,500. Ranger Closed plus five Ranger Alpha strategies is US$5,000.

It is my pleasure to provide you a license for either version of Ranger together with Ranger Alpha for US$6,700 and US$4,500 respectively.

As you can see, either package can pay for itself in one or two trades.

Anyone who has traded for any length of time knows that these opportunities, exceptional as they are, present themselves every so often.

Seize the moment.

Take advantage of this exceptional  opportunity while you can.

Put the power of Ranger and Ranger Alpha to work for you today.

Questions? Demo?

Health and prosperity to you and your family.

Be well.

All the Best,

Bob Pardo


* Hypothetical pro forma based on a $125,000 account. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.