Are YOU ready for the  next big move?

Hi Fellow Traders,

We are living in historic times. And historic times produce historic moves. COVID-19, a deep recession, relations with China at historic lows and a volatile, dubious US leader – definitely a formula for stock market volatility.

This market could take off – up or down – on a tear with no notice. Be ready with Ranger and Ranger Alpha. They have already proven their “battle-readiness” in the latest COVID Crash.

The signals from the Ranger Alpha strategies are up +234%1 since the end of their development period2 and +172%3 since their public release

Ranger Open plus five Ranger Alpha strategies lists at US$7,500. Ranger Closed plus five Ranger Alpha strategies is US$5,000.

For a limited-time you can license either version of Ranger together with Ranger Alpha for US$6,750 and US$4,500 respectively.

For the trader starting out, license Ranger Closed for $2,500 and we will throw in your choice of one Ranger Alpha strategy on the house. Perfect in combination with the new, affordable Micro eMini contract.

And we provide exceptional services and licensing for the larger and institutional trader.

These historic times are producing exceptional trading opportunities.

Be ready. Seize the moment.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity while you can.

Put the power of Ranger and Ranger Alpha to work for you today.

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Health and prosperity to you and your family.

Be well.

All the Best,

Bob Pardo

1 -  Hypothetical pro forma based on a $125,000 account. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.

2 - 12/31/18

3 - 9/1/19