Are you looking for a silver lining . . .

Hello Fellow Trader,

Unexpected world events can and do provide a “silver lining” for those savvy enough to take advantage of these opportunities.

Ranger Alpha strategies are +189.75% since the end of their development period and +127.74% since release*.

Ranger Open plus five Ranger Alpha strategies lists at US$7,500. Ranger Closed plus five Ranger Alpha strategies is US$5,000.

We are happy to license you either Ranger together with Ranger Alpha for US$6,700 and US$4,500 respectively.

Either package can pay for itself in one or two trades.

Take advantage of this “silver lining” while you can and put this powerful trading tool to work for you today.

These stock market “corrections” happen more and more quickly every time now. Seize the moment.

Whereas I don’t believe this correction is yet over, I have a suspicion that it is getting close.

Questions? Demo?

Health and prosperity to you and your family.

Be well.

All the Best,

Bob Pardo

* Hypothetical pro forma based on a $125,000 account. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.