What is Ranger Alpha 2022

What Is Ranger Alpha 2022?

  • Ranger Alpha 2022 (RA22) is a collection of high-performance trading strategies created by Bob Pardo and company,  a trader and strategy expert with a proven track-record who has been doing this for decades.
  • Who is Bob Pardo and what makes his strategies special?  He is an  algorithmic trading pioneer, consultant to top trading firms, renowned author of the definitive guide to strategy development "The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies," creator of Walk-Forward Analysis - the gold standard in testing - and celebrated asset manager with XT99 Diversified +19% for twelve years.
  • Ranger Alpha 2022 s a unique and robust collection of trading strategy "Trios" which have been created with Ranger and our third-generation Pardo Proprietary Processes. It is the more extensive, balanced and diversified successor to the original Ranger Alpha created in 2018.
  • A strategy Trio, as we call it, is a balanced set of three strategies - counter trend, neutral trend and with trend - on one market. A Trio provides superior diversification, trading capacity and risk reduction as opposed to, for example, trading a three lot on one strategy.
  • The COVID pandemic, the domestic crisis created by our last president, inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine and now on-going war, to name but a few of the current crises, have collectively produced an entirely new regime in world markets.
  • RA22 has been created to meet the challenges this new market regime presents. We expect this regime to continue for some time to come.
  • Whereas some of the original Ranger Alpha strategies continue to do well, others have been challenged. We have also applied some parts of our more advanced process to these and have seen positive improvement.
  • However, our research suggests that our newer and more advanced strategy development process has produced a better adapted and robust portfolio of trading strategies.
  • This new generation of Ranger Alpha 2022 strategies is far more diversified and better adapted to current conditions..
  • To recap them, the first version of the Pardo Development Process produced our original top performing trading strategy XT99 Diversified which produced real-time annualized returns of +19% for over twelve years.
  • The next generation, which used a more advanced version of these methods, produced our latest trading platform called Pardo Renaissance Diversified  which has produced hypothetical out-of-sample annualized returns of +29.9%.
  • The original Ranger Alpha strategies were the next generation.
  • Ranger Alpha 2022 are the most recent generation. We have great expectations for them. Of course, you can see for yourself.

What Is Currently Available in Ranger Alpha 2022

  • There are two markets in the RA22 portfolio.
  • All strategies are built on 60 minute bars.
  • Each market has its own unique Trio.
  • The total number of strategies currently is nine.