What is Ranger Alpha Enhanced

A collection of high-performance trading strategies created buy a trader who has been doing this for decades

What Is Ranger Alpha Enhanced?

  • Ranger Alpha Enhanced (RAE) is a collection of trading strategies which were created with Ranger by Bob Pardo.
  • The Ranger Alpha Enhanced portfolio is +351% on initial capital of $125,000 as of 08/30/2023.
  • RAE was re-engineered in September of 2022 and re-released in this modified form in October 2022. 
  • The basic strategies were not changed. In some cases, we changed the way it calculated entry prices. In others, we changed the way it calculated trend measures. Interesting to note that two of the original with trend strategies did not change at all. They just kept right on producing profit.
  • The Ranger Alpha Enhanced  strategies have been designed, created and tested to the same exacting standards that we have used to develop strategies for decades.
  •  These standards have evolved over time.
  • The first version of these processes produced our original top performing trading strategy XT99 Diversified which produced real time annualized returns of +19% for over twelve years. They were created with a proprietary software application called XT which evolved from our commercial product Blast.
  • The next generation, which used a more advanced version of these methods, produced our latest trading platform called Pardo Renaissance Diversified. PRD has produced hypothetical out-of-sample annualized returns of +29.9%.
  • Ranger and Ranger Alpha Enhanced are the next generation - a more advanced product and a more advanced robustness and evaluation process.

What Is Currently Available in Ranger Alpha 

  • There are currently four strategies available in the Ranger Alpha Enhanced portfolio.
  • The RAE Portfolio consists of one Counter Trend, one Neutral Trend and two With Trend strategies.
  • All are strategies built on 60 minute bars for the eMini market.
  • These strategies can be traded on the Micro contract with lower cost and risk.

Ranger Alpha Enhanced Strategies Are Available in Two Bundles

RAE requires a version of Ranger, either Open or Closed.

  • RAE and Ranger Open is bundled for $7,500, a savings of $500.
  • This bundle can be ordered via this button RO +RAE.
  • RAE and Ranger Closed is bundled for $4,750, a savings of $275.
  • This bundle can be ordered via this button RC +RAE.