Tick Tock - the Window of Opportunity is Closing, And . . .

Hello Fellow Trader,

A friendly reminder that the Ranger Holiday Offer which provides savings of $1,200 is closing this Friday 1/3/2020.

The Ranger Alpha strategies (+87.9% since development and +25.9% since release*) as well as the daily included strategies, are finishing the year strong.

PLUS, we are launching a commodity pool towards the end of January. The pool will be based on Pardo Renaissance strategies enhanced with these and additional Ranger strategies.

What trading product do you know of that includes six excellent daily strategies, a strategy development application without parallel, access to our proprietary indicators and development process as well as an hour of phone time with me, a world-class trader?

And a trading product that is being used as is to add strategies to an excellent real-time trading pool?

Ranger Open plus five Ranger Alpha strategies lists at US$7,475. The Ranger Closed package lists for US$4,975.

I also cannot guarantee that given current developments, these prices will not go up. Most likely they will.

In any case, during our holiday offer Ranger and these strategies can currently be had for US$6,275 and US$3,775 respectively, a savings of $1,200.

Take advantage of the offer while you can and put this powerful trading tool to work for you today.

Questions? Demo?

Wishing you a very prosperous 2020.

All the Best,

Bob Pardo


* Hypothetical pro forma based on a $125,000 account