LDR Alpha

What Is LDR Alpha?

  • LDR Alpha is a new collection of trading strategies created with our latest strategy application LDR and its variations and which are available via lease or license.
  • These strategies, like those of Ranger Alpha, have been developed to the same high standards that we have been using to develop strategies for decades.
  • The first version of these processes produced our original top performing trading strategy XT99 Diversified which produced real time annualized returns of +19% for over twelve years.
  • A more advanced version of these processes produced our latest trading platform which called Pardo Renaissance Diversified. It has produced hypothetical out-of-sample annualized returns of +29.9%.
  • LDR Alpha strategies were created and tested using our newest robustness and evaluation processes.

What Is Currently Available in LDR Alpha 

  • There are currently ten strategies available in LDR Alpha.
  • All strategies trade 60 minute bars.
  • There are two strategies each for Coffee,  Cotton, Crude Oil, Gold and Soybeans.
  • Each strategy is $295 and is good for one year. Annual renewals are $95 per strategy. Packages are available.
  • New strategies for different markets, styles and time frames are under development.

How Can the LDR Alpha Strategies Can Be Traded

  • The LDR Alpha strategies require either LDR Open or Closed

How Can I Trade these Strategies?

Reach out to Bob via email. Select form the list below which method you would like to use to take advantage of LDR Alpha Strategies.