What Is LDR

LDR is a sophisticated and customizable Easy Language trading strategy. It requires TradeStation to operate. LDR is a trading strategy which uses a wide variety of moving averages in a unique way. It comes in two related variations. These two variations and the six different types of included moving averages produce a variety of uncorrelated trading strategies.

LDR is easy to use and can create a portfolio of strategies on different markets relatively quickly.

LDR Alpha is a collection of twelve different strategies on six different markets produced with LDR on 60 minute bars. It is an add on to LDR.

LDR Bitcoin is a collection of six different strategies built on 60 minute Bitcoin futures. It too is an add on to LDR.

Take a look at the performance of LDR Alpha and LDR Bitcoin before you jump to the conclusion that moving averages are “old hat” and of little value.

The results are excellent and prove that there is still a “lot of life” in moving average strategies.