Mastering LDR is like getting your Masters Degree in algorithmic trading except quicker and easier . . . ! LDR is a highly effective and very affordable way to build robust strategies.

What Is LDR

LDR is yet aother unique and valuable strategy tool for the serious algorithmic trader

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How to Get Started with LDR

These are the steps you need to do to put LDR to work for you

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What Comes With LDR

This is what is included with LDR

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The LDR Manual

LDR includes an in-depth manual

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Creating Strategies with LDR

LDR includes a high-quality, road map to the development of robust trading strategies modeled after the process Pardo used to create the various families of LDR strategies.

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The LDR Workspaces

LDR include ten TradeStation workspaces which make the creation of strategies for the market and time frame of your choice as easy and quick as possible

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An LDR Research Example

This includes an example of the TradeStation reports and spreadsheets

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LDR Bitcoin

A portfolio of six LDR strategies for Bitcoin futures