Would You Like to Be Able to Trade Strategies Created by a Master Trader?

Would You Like to Be Able to Trade Strategies Created by a Master Trader?
Hello Fellow Traders,

I am very happy to announce that you now have an opportunity to trade new strategies designed by me -- and built to even higher standards -- than those of our legendary trading program XT99 Diversified and our newest, to-be-launched program Pardo Renaissance - the strategies of Ranger Alpha.

Ranger Alpha is composed of high-quality, robust and profitable trading strategies. There are currently six 60 minute strategies available, all for the eMini S&P futures contract. One is a day trader. These all have attractive performance ranging from a development period* low of $85,345 to a high of $159,267**. In all cases, the performance of 2019 is out of sample.

Each of the Ranger Alpha strategies has an annual individual license of $495 with strategy bundles available. These strategies are available for use with Ranger Open Code ($5,000), Ranger Closed ($2,500), and our new Ranger Execution Only version ($495). Click this link to explore Ranger in detail and click this link if you would like to explore Ranger Alpha performance statistics.

Now, for a limited time, when you buy a license to Ranger Open ($5,000) you can license any five of these exceptional strategies for an additional $1,275 (a saving of $1,200) Other packages, also at considerable savings, are available with the purchase of a license to the other two Ranger versions.

Let me know if you would like to take advantage of this exceptional offer. Also happy to discuss via phone or Skype.

Remember, this is an exceptional limited-time offer so if you want to harness the power of Ranger and these excellent strategies - do it now!

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,

Bob Pardo

* Development was typically done from 1-2-2007 through at least 12-31-18

** Of course, I am required to say that this is all formally hypothetical performance