The Ranger Tutorial

The Ranger Tutorial

The Ranger Tutorial is really a very clear road-map to the creation and validation of robust trading strategies. It is based upon the time-proven strategy development process which Bob Pardo has used for years when creating XT99 Diversified and Pardo Renaissance.

Some would call it a treasure map.

The equally detailed Ranger Tutorial details the full research process designed and used by Bob Pardo. It guides you through the use of the included research workspaces. These workspaces are completely filled out with suggested parameters and optimization scan ranges. To follow the suggested the research path all that need be done is select the scan ranges and make the necessary minor changes to the provided path and file name.

This Tutorial maps out much of the research path that we use in-house for the development of strategies. The Tutorial by itself is an excellent value. 

Below are three slides from the Tutorial which may serve to give you some idea of the value of the contents of the full forty page document.

This first slide presents the partial results of our NASDAQ futures development.

This next slide is the start of the visual map of the Ranger Development Process  mapped out in the Tutorial.

This is the first page of six which presents the research process and its various branches.