What is Ranger Alpha

A collection of high-performance trading strategies created buy a trader who has been doing this for decades

What Is Ranger Alpha?

  • Ranger Alpha is a collection of trading strategies which have been created with Ranger by Bob Pardo.
  • The Ranger Alpha portfolio is +301% as of 03/01/2021.
  • The Ranger Alpha strategies have been designed, created and tested to the same exacting standards that we have used to develop strategies for decades.
  • These standards have evolved over time.
  • The first version of these processes produced our original top performing trading strategy XT99 Diversified which produced real time annualized returns of +19% for over twelve years. They were created with a proprietary software application called XT which evolved from our commercial product Blast.
  • The next generation, which used a more advanced version of these methods, produced our latest trading platform called Pardo Renaissance Diversified. PRD has produced hypothetical out-of-sample annualized returns of +29.9%.
  • Ranger and Ranger Alpha are the next generation - a more advanced product and a more advanced robustness and evaluation process.

What Is Currently Available in Ranger Alpha 

  • There are currently six strategies available in Ranger Alpha.
  • All are strategies built on 60 minute bars for the eMini market.
  • The continuous addition of new strategies for different markets, styles and time frames is currently under development. NASDAQ and Bitcoin are next.

Ranger Alpha Strategies Are Available in a number of Ways

Clients who have Ranger Open or Closed can license a one-year subscription at the following rates -

  • $595 per strategy. Annual renewal is $295.
  • $1,500.for any three strategies. Annual renewal is $595.
  • $3,000 for all six strategies. Annual renewal is $1,295.

People who do not have Ranger can license a one-year subscription in the following ways -

  • $795 for a signal only version (SO). Annual renewal is $395.
  • $995. for an optimizable version of a strategy. Annual renewal is $495.

In addition, Ranger Alpha signals are available via the TradeStation store on a monthly lease for $195 per strategy.

Ranger Alpha signals are available on an execution and per trade basis from Striker Securities and through the many introducing brokers for whom they execute our strategies. The monthly lease is $195 per strategy. Those who currently have Ranger Alpha strategies in some form pay only the execution fee.

How Can I Put the Ranger Alpha Strategies to Work for me

Reach out to Bob via email if you have questions. Select form the list below which method you would like to use to take advantage of Ranger Alpha Strategies.

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